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Part 4 – What’s your plan?

Depending on where you read it anywhere between 50 and 90% of startups fail within the first 5 years. According to research from venture capital database 23% of failures are as a result of not having the right people. Can you afford not to have a robust people plan in place?

Part 3 – Have you got the skills you need?

If you’ve missed my previous posts on this topic you can catch up with them here: intro;part 1; part 2. So, you’ve tested your business strategy, and you’ve thought about what needs to change to deliver it. What’s next? Now it’s time to think about the skills needed

Are your people ready to deliver your business strategy?

Having worked across numerous organisations and industries I’ve noticed that often business strategies that look and sound great on paper fail when it comes to implementation.  Why is that? Most often I’ve noticed it’s a failure to  deliver it effectively through their people.

Restructuring or making redundancies? 5 things to think about…

Organisational change can be difficult for all involved particularly when it involves redundancies. Managing the change effectively is critical to maintaining the reputation of your business and ensuring that those who remain are motivated and continue to deliver results. Here are five things you will want to consider:

Dealing with an angry colleague

Workplace conflicts which result in incidents as tragic as last week’s shootings in Virginia are thankfully few and far between, but they can easily spiral out of control and result in angry or aggressive behaviour.  So what can you do to help resolve the situation? Here are my top tips for dealing with an angry …

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Feel like “doing a Jeremy”?

Most of the time when I tell people that I deal with workplace conflicts, they need a bit more of an explanation. However, in the last week or so it’s been very topical with the suspension of Jeremy Clarkson after “a fracas” with his producer being all over the news. Workplace conflict costs many businesses …

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